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      Bathzone Pte Ltd (Singapore)

      We Offer various bathroom and kitchen products

      Bathzone Pte Ltd is one of the excellent bathroom & kitchen product retailers in Singapore. We established in 2011, at 666 Geylang Road, continue providing our customer the best services and outstanding information.

      In Bathroom category, we have multiple brand for Toilet Bowl, Ceramic Basin, Glass Bowl, Faucets (Mixer, Cold Tap), Heater, Bathtub, Instand Heater, Bathroom Accessories. 

      While in Kitchen category, we have various brand for our Stainless Steel Sink, Granite Sink, Sink Tap, Sink Mixer, Hob, Hood, Oven, and different kind of Kitchen Accessories.  Meanwhile, we also sell fan and other related plumbing products. 

      We invite you into our showroom to have a closer look of our company products, and feel our passion of providing you the best consultants.

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